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A child’s dictionary for 2009

bugger celebrity, vandalism & block graphs – give me catkins, brooks, minnows, acorns, buttercups, herons, almonds, marzipan, ash, beetroot, bray, bridle, piglets, porpoises, gooseberries, ravens, carnations, blackberries, tulips, porridge and conkers….

Henry Porter reports of words that have been added and removed in the latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary… I think I've just discovered my theme for May (especially so, now that Whitsun is another one to feel the blow of the editors pen!)…

I'll respond each day of May to one of these words and post it up. Maybe it can turn into a children's book one day so kids have some chance of recognising a catkin or piglet when they see one!

Ladies Coats

Eloise Grey label
Eloise launched her ethical / organic clothing range last week with a private view at the Hepsibah Gallery. Save for the fact I got stupidly lost getting there, it was worth it to see all the coats for real, even one of the weavers from Mull came down to see how the cloth had been used. I got to try on a de Beauvoir Short which I’d been coveting too :)

I didn’t build the website (Dave did), but did everything from the logo, the coats’ labels (I loved seeing them sewn into the lining!) the website design, invites, stationery etc
. This was a really fun project to work on, playing with all the typography and full stops! It was also a very interesting one – you can read more about setting up an ethical and organic business, clothing and fashion on Eloise’s blog.

Electric Sheep Magazine

photo from flickr

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t blogged much this summer… Have been working on two big projects; one of which came to fruition last night at the Roxy Bar & Screen. I’d designed the Electric Sheep Magazine website earlier this year, and V had such interest in the writing, it was launched as a proper print magazine yesterday at the inaugural Electric Sheep / Resonance FM film club!

I’ve never designed a whole magazine before, so it was quite daunting… There was the usual printer nightmare, but overall am really pleased with it. Everyone was great to work with (thanks S for invaluable print advice) all the writers wrote to count, and it was great to read whilst putting it together :)

Well done Lady Vengeance!

The Film Club runs every month (next one is Tuesday 2nd October)

You can pick Electric Sheep Magazine up for FREE at selected cinemas, cafes, arts centres and universities, or subscribe here

My first magazine!

It has been a busy few weeks this summer, but have just uploaded the final PDF of Electric Sheep Magazine (the print version) to go to the printers today. It’s out on September the 1st and there’s the first film club / mag launch at the Roxy bar and screen on the 5th… Reading through it I already want to see the BFI’s collection of squelchy sea films by Jean PainlevĂ© and to check out the 70 (count ’em!) dance routines included in the film Opera Jawa out in September. That’s an almost Actionette level of dancing, heh..


The latest sections in AW are getting more and more relevant for me… not least the chapter about having lists and lists of things to do, but not adding in any fun stuff or playing… it gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, after work, admin, household stuff…. ah yeah, *then* I can do the good things… (in about 6 months time!)

Last time I visited the Art shop I picked up some plasticine, remembering the smell and wanting to buy some…’computer says no’, so I put it back and forgot about it until earlier today. J had some hand cream – smitten from lush – and it has the smell of a mixture of plasticine and bakewell tarts… (actually it is a lot nicer than it sounds – I am a bit ‘smitten’ with it!). I remembered about the little treats bit in the book, and bought some.

A not terribly inspiring terracotta colour, but as soon as I opened the pack, I was away – a coil pot, squidgy blobs… this little bird came out and I remembered the stop frame animation I did at college (loved doing it, except the studio was effectively a cupboard which got very hot from the lights, very quickly and melted things!)

So plasticine = a good hour of fun! (Oh and check out all the cool creatures that are made from it!)

Oats and other things

Some serious time on the internet tonight that led from a newsletter from the 24 Hour Museum (always good for ideas for an AD), to an exhibition of Quaker tapestries (I love this mixture of words and pictures) in Norwich, to thinking about Quakers (and oats – unfortunately nothing to do with Quakers, or even William Penn*, and all to do with Pepsico) and other kinds of tapestries (again, the mixture of words and pictures), to being reminded of a children’s book I once had, to reading about the man who did paintings of the same name, to reading some more about Quakers and ‘about the intersection of religion & politics, conscience & law, history & biography‘, to taking another look at the fabulous idea that is Pepys Diary online (one new entry everyday for hmm… probably the next few years at least!) to finding out about the man who is responsible for this project and then seeing where is 10 minutes from anywhere on the tube!

*Funnily enough the trial of Penn & Meade came up on the project I am working on at the moment about the importance of impartiality, I never knew it was *that* Penn though!