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Electric Sheep Magazine mentioned in New Statesman article

“For the offbeat stuff you have to go to sites such as Run by a print magazine, Electric Sheep, it reviews fringe and art-house films that seldom get space in the broadsheet newspapers. The writing is confident and well-informed and the scope encompasses everywhere from Spain to South Korea. I was excited to read about a Mexican new-wave gem, I’m Gonna Explode (also reviewed in the NS by Ryan Gilbey) and to catch up on the latest film noir. Unlike mainstream film sites such as, avoids industry chit-chat and cheap abuse. It writes about film for people who like film: a classic approach.”

read the rest of the article on the New Statesman website

Drawing from memory vs from a model

Week 3 - Revision from memory

Bizarrely this one captured her better than drawing direct from lifel.

The tutor made a good point; looking at the original drawing – and looking to improve it – you had to ask yourself to remember if the models shoulders / weight / hips / arms really were at that angle / length / position etc… ie all the questions you should also be asking your eyes whilst you are drawing in the first place…

Also it was funny everyone started to contort themselves a little bit whilst doing this drawing from memory; without the original model, we used ourselves as reference…

I know mum – who’s an illustrator – does this when drawing expressions of people for her work, so I ought not to be surprised really – it was just funny in a room full of people doing the same thing!