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Make a mid-century style chair from a conker, dress pins and yarn

Walking through the park the other day I saw my first conkers of the year…

I love them; how they feel so smooth and shiny in your hand…

I have fond memories of my granny teaching me to make ‘fairy’ furniture from the fallen conkers in her back garden…

See below for how to make one using a conker, dress pins and some yarn!

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Artists, crafters and makers talk business

Makerhood held a free event called a ‘local makers forum‘ in Brixon’s Living Bar the other day.

Makerhood is an initiative to promote local making, creativity and skills – and build connections between local makers, the community and local businesses


Billed as an evening to ‘discuss opportunities, learn from market experts and meet other makers and local businesses’. I was there to illustrate the points made as the panel discussed various aspects of making, including the tricky business of promoting, selling and networking…


Knitting toe-up socks two at once

Tern, originally uploaded by Goldtop.

Got up crazy early last Saturday to take a class at KnitNation. It was with Chrissy Gardiner and it was my last go at learning to knit socks; if this didn’t get me on the road, nothing would!

Fortunately Chrissy is a great teacher – and gets extra points for being a great teacher, even whilst being jet-lagged – and so we learnt Judy’s Magic Cast On, how to knit two socks at once on a single cable needle, to do a short row heel and a super stretchy cast off.

I was all inspired about knitting again and saw in the latest issue of Twist Collective this fabulous – free! – pattern by Pam Allen, Tern. It looks great, is interesting enough to keep your attention, but not too complex that you end up with a scrunched up face trying to concentrate – all win.